Can't start my Montero! Help!!!


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Angry Can't start my Montero! Help!!!

My '89 Mis. Montero, recently ran out of fuel. I added a gallon then proceeded to start it, it wouldn't start, finally the battery died, the tow truck picked it up and towed it to my home. I charged the battery and it still wouldn't turn over. Mean while I noticed drip of fuel from various spots in the exhaust system. I manually turned the crank thinking I was on a flat spot, sure enough the motor turned over and over and over with no luck of it starting. It seems there's quite a bit of fuel it the exhaust system. Can any one please help me diagnose this problem, hopefully it's not to bad!
Thanks, Jon
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If you ran it out of fuel, there's a good chance you wiped out the fuel pump if it's an intank unit (most FI vehicles are).

Running a vehicle out of fuel is bad business.

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