Serious problem with 82 Monte Carlo


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Question Serious problem with 82 Monte Carlo

This car has not been used for about 6 weeks. When I opened the door today I was greeted by what looked to be about a 4 foot snake. He looked at me and I at him and then we both went our separate ways (quite quickly too). He went under the front seat and I went into the house. I have several cardboard boxes filled with odds and ends in the back seat. He could be hiding anywhere... including the trunk (which is full of boxes and things).

QUESTION: Anyone have any ideas on:

a) How to locate him?
b) How to get him out?

I know that I will never get into the car again unless I know for sure that he's either dead or gone. I hope there is a good solution to this problem. If not, I'll have to put a "For Sale - as is" sign on it (very carefully).

I know this may sound funny but I really have no idea as to what to do. I don't much care for snakes, especially since I didn't get a good enough look at it to tell what kind it was.
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Exclamation My 2 cents

Call animal control and they will come out and take care of this non-automotive problem for you. That is, unless you want to risk getting bitten..........

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I agree. Then make sure there are no holes or openings for anything to get into it again. If there are, rectify them.
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Thanks for the suggestion. I was hoping that there would be something that I could use that would flush him out... like a spray or something.
I have no idea how he got in. I am not aware of any holes but I will sure check if I ever get him out..
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Stick a garden hose through an opening in the window and drown him out!!! JK
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Since you don't know what type of snake it is, don't take chances. If you get bit, it could be bad news.

Animal control is free in most states, let them handle it.
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If your going to poke around the car yourself, they make a
mirror mounted on a telescoping rod, (like an old antenae).
You can use one with a flashlight to look under seats, dash,
etc. We use them here in the shop all the time. I think I got
mine from McMaster-Carr .

But I hate snakes, I'd just go with the animal control, of
course in this area, you may have to wait a couple of
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