Changing the thermostat for Ford explorer 1993.

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Changing the thermostat for Ford explorer 1993.

How do I change the thermostat of a 93 ford explorer?
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See autolibrary as I have it bookmarked below in my signature file.
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93 Explorer Thermostat

I also have 93 explorer. Why are you changing out the thermostat? Is the engine overheating or cooling too much?

I just replaced mine and it was a pain. I replaced mine because I suspected it was stuck open; it was.

Just behind the center of the radiator on the engine and just underneath the air intake for the throttle body is the thermostat housing.

You'll need to remove the air intake, drain the radiator, and remove the upper radiator hose that goes to the thermostat housing.

There are three bolts that hold the thermostat housing together; I think one is on top and the other two are on the sides toward the bottom. The thermostat housing is triangular in shape.

It's easy to get the top one, but the bottom two can be a pain. I remember having to use a flexible socket extension to get to one.

Once the thermostat is removed, you can check it out to see if it's stuck open. If the thermostat is open and the engine was cold when you did this (it should be) then you know that's the problem.

However, if it's not open when you remove it you can test it with a candy thermometer and a pan of water. Heat the thermostat and the water, at the same time measure the temperature with the thermometer.

On the thermostat there should be a stamp that details the opening temperature...typcially around 160 to 180 degrees. If it doesn't open or not completely, then that's your overheating problem. If it opens at the right temperature then this part is not your problem and you should look elsewhere.

Buy an OEM thermostat AND a gasket. This would also be a good time to replace your coolant and properly dispose of the old stuff since you had to drain it anyway. Be sure to wipe up completely any spilled coolant as this stuff will kill.

Good luck and hope this helps.

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