1986 Chey Silverado 4X4 PCV replacement


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Question 1986 Chey Silverado 4X4 PCV replacement

OK! Now I'm stumped. Last GM V8 I tore into had a draft tube
and breathers for crankcase ventilation. I am trying to do
some preventive maintenance on this '86 305. Bought a
replacement PCV valve a napa. Shouldn't this be as simple as
pulling the old one out and popping in the new one? I can not
get the old one to budge from the valve cover. It rotates freely,
but will not pull out. I know I'm dense sometimes, but what is
the trick here?

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It will pull out with some force. Take a pair of vice grips, clamp on it, and yank up.

If you have to wiggle it out and if you ruin the PCV valve grommet (what the valve sits in) any auto parts store will have a replacement.
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Thanks for the reply Joe.
I will try again when I get home. I had already tried the vise
grips, but I was afraid of doing some other damage with too
much force.
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Nah, unless you bend the valve cover, it should with enough pulling force just pop right out.

It's as simple of a part to replace on most cars as you can get.
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Hey Joe,

I just wanted to let you know that I got the valve out but
that the grommet was destroyed in the process. I doubt
the PCV valve has ever been replaced. I had to cut the
grommet away from the valve. The grommet was so brittle
that it literally fell apart when I got it out. I am going to pick
one up this afternoon and hopefully get this thing running
soon. I do appreciate you help.

Hey, who's the dope in the previous post? What's his
problem? I have never heard from him before and he has
certainly never given me any advice. The world would be a
better place if we could some how ban people like this from
the internet all together.

Thanks again,
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Just an idiot troll that obviously has no clue what he's doing.

His post was originally offensive and vulgar, so what I do is change it around and reword it so they shoot themselves in the foot and look like a total ass in the process. Usually, they go away.

It all started by this guy recommending that someone reuse a 3 dollar EGR valve gasket during an EGR valve service. It is not good practice, nor does ANY book or reliable source recommend you reuse a gasket.

As I said to him prior:

1) Do you reuse toilet paper? I think not.
2) Reuse old motor oil because it "looks good"? No.
3) Change your oil without your filter? Nope.
4) Wash your hands with water and say "Skip the soap, who needs it?" Nope.

Reuse a three dollar EGR valve gasket and possibly get a leak? Think not.

Hence, this guy continues to troll this forum and spam it, offend people and make a general ass out of himself. In turn, I take his stupidity and turn it right back around to him .

Don't worry, he'll be looking for a new ISP and be banned from this forum soon.

As I said, people like that pollute the gene pool and hopefully don't breed. Thank goodness DNA is a unique entity in this case. Geez.

Good to hear you're on the road to fixing your problem. Thanks for the update.
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