Air in fuel line


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Air in fuel line

This question actually pertains to an 86 honda magna 700cc motorcycle.
I posted a question, but didn't get any responses as of yet. Doing further exploration on the bike, i noticed the fuel line leaks a bit.
My question is, what would the effects, or symptoms be if you have a little air in the fuel line.

The problem i am having is if the bike hasn't been started for several hours, it makes a popping type noise and takes a few tries to start. The popping noise will shorlty supside, and it will start and run fine(if you have read the other post, the idle problem has fixed itself.) I plan on changing the fuel line tomorrow anyway, but am curious if this small fuel leak would lead to a problem like this.

Again sorry for posting this in the wrong forum, but i have yet to recieve any answers in the other.

Thanks in advance.
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Fuel Line

Don't know much about motorcycles but do know that if you have a leak in your fuel line you'll either leak fuel or leak in air. Of course if you leak in air, you'll get a lean mixture and it may cause the symptoms you speak of but hard to say.

If you have a pressurized system and have a leak, well you are going to spray fuel out the leak and run the risk of fire or explosion.

Change out the hose, they're cheap. Be careful doing this repair for hopefully obvious reasons.
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Thanks for the help. The system is not pressurized, and the fuel line definatly is cheap. $1.00 a foot, i think i need 3 inches. I would have changed it earlier, but i didn't notice it till i got to work today, and started thinking about it. I hope it does fix the problem, no way to find out till i fix it, i just wanted a little reassurance i guess. Again thanks for the reply. It seems its one thing after another. I was driving in today, and somehow my speedo cable got tore. Again one more thing


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