windshield washer fluid is leaking


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windshield washer fluid is leaking

Hi, I've notived that the windshield washer fluid reservoir in my 95 Toyota Corolla is leaking.
The fluid is coming out at the bottom where the rubber hose comes out of the reservoir.

Is replacing the rubber hose something I can do myself? Do I just replace the hose or the hose and the reservoir?
Or do I have to take my car to the shop to get that fixed?

TIA, Sonja
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The reservoir likely has a crack in it, but inspect the hose closely for cracks.

The hose is standard issue vacuum line. Any parts store will have it. Simply use the old one as a guide, cut the new one to length and put it on both ends.

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You can also pick up a replacement washer fluid bottle at any parts store, if you're not too concerned about keeping it all original. They typically run $6 - $10.
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I took the reservoir out today and the rubber seal between the hole at the bottom of the reservoir and the washer motor is leaking.

Should I just get a new seal (can I just buy the seal? or do I have to buy a whole new reservoir?) or is there anything like caulk/glue that I could use to fix the leak?

TIA, Sonja
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Toyota should be able to sell you just the seal. If it's too expensive, or troublesome, you can buy a silicon sealant at your local parts store that will seal the leak. Just make sure you follow the instructions and that all surfaces are DRY when you start. Should last the life of the car if done right.
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Here's a little update:

Toyota wanted $65 for a new bottle and they said they don't sell the seal seperately.
Too expensive so I went and got some silicone sealant.

I let the bottle, seal and motor dry for a day and then applied the sealant. I let that dry for another day and then put the bottle back in the car. I filled the bottle about half way with water to see if the seal would hold. I waited about 3 hours and it did. Then I filled the bottle up with windshield washer fluid and the bottle started leaking after about 5 Min.!
Now the only thing I can think off is that the chemicals in the washer fluid are somehow reacting with the sealant.

Anybody has any ideas if there is something else I can use to seal the leak?

I also checked the auto parts store for a generic bottle but the only had a coolant overflow bottle.
And my old bottle has a recessed part at the bottom where the motor kind of sits in, so I don't think that a generic bottle would work anyways.

TIA, Sonja
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Junk Yard

Try locating a used washer fluid resv. at the junk yard. Sometimes if you call ahead they may have even pulled it for in advance.

Pick n' Pull here in Sacramento is also good if you want to go in and remove the part yourself.

The pro is that the part will be quite a bit cheaper.

Cons are that you have to pull the part yourself (not that bad in this case) and that you may have a similar problem with the new bottle if you don't look at it too closely.

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try to make a seal from a piece of rubber

Can you take an old inner tube and fab a seal use the old on as a guide.What does the seal look like is it an O Ring if so go to the parts store and look in the O Ring drawer and find a match.I wish I were there I would fix it for you.
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use soldering iron

Melt the surrounding plastic over the crack with a 10 dollar sodering iron from radio shack.Its like new again and sealants might dissolve when washer fluid comes in contact.
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I always use new OEM parts where available. Less headaches in the long run.

Alternatively, just go pick up a salvaged unit as suggested. Shouldn't cost more than 20 bucks for the whole deal.

Sealing and gluing and all that: You'll spend more in time, money and effort to fix crap.

Leaking fluid reservoirs are pretty rare. Perhaps someone filled it with water at one time and it froze.
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Try for used resevoirs. Or a local salvage yard. Also if the seal you are looking for is the one used to mount the washer pump, alot of times you can pick up a new washer pump($15), that will include the seal, at most auto parts stores. Bring the old pump and seal with you to make sure you gat the exact replacement as there are universal pumps that wont work correctly.

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