96Grand Am GT power loss


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Unhappy 96Grand Am GT power loss

I need help with my 96 Pontiac Grand AM GT (3.1). The care has lost power when initially stepping on gas and when trying to accelerate. Originally I had a misfire condition and have replaced the following on the car: Plugs, plug wires, ignition coils, fuel filter, fuel injectors, PCV valve, thermostat and water pump. All within the past 6 months. The car runs substantially better, but is still hesitating when the gas peddle is pressed. I need advice on where to go from here. I have an Actron OBDii tester and the codes read P0301 (Cylinder 1 Misfire Detected) and P0440 (Emission Control System Malfunction). The problems again are:
1. Loss of power
2. Hesitation when accelerating
3. Rough sounding when accelerating

Please help!
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My vote would be a bad crank sensor (#1 misfire), but you should check it all out thoroughly as well.

You may have stuffed the converter with too much fuel if it ran rough for a long time. Bang on the converter ice cold with a fisted hand. If you hear ratlling pieces inside, the converter is wiped. The cause of the excess fuel must be found or the new converter will see the same fate.

Use autolibrary.org below to guide you.
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you need to check if the injector driver circuit works on #1 cylinder.This is done by installing a noid light and checking for a blink if you dont you most likely have a faulty pcm(power train control module or a wiring problem)if it bkinks you need to check the compression static and running.And as Joe said your converter is most likely trash at this point.You need to repair the misfire first before you repair the convertor.As for the p0440 code loose gas cap?Do not attempt to fix the p0400 code untill the misfire code is resolved.Do not replace the igbtion control module without further testing either this car uses what is called the waste spark ignition system. It fires #1 and #4 together,you have a single cylinder misfire.You have replaced all of your injectors.The coil and plugs for the affected cylinder.If is not fuel related,run the compression tests as stated above.It has to be fuel or mechanical.Noid lights are cheap or free rentals.Has there been any engine work done?
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Joe & Davo,

Thank you both for the advice. I will certainly check these out, but I need a little more help on where the converter & crank sensor are located. I am learning quick on how to fix this car, but I am still a novice mechanic. Also, where would I install a noid light to check the injector driver circuit as I have not done this before. Thanks again for the much needed help.
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Pull off the connector on one of the fuel injectors. The noid light plugs right into it. Crank it over. Look for flashing lights.
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