Elderbrach carb


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Elderbrach carb

I have a 78 Chevy K 10 pick up with a 350 V8 and a Elderbrach 4 barrel carb and intake manifold was installed on it by the previous owner. It runs very rich which I'm sure I can adjust out butthe real problem is when I get in the on the slightest hillside it starts running rough and very very rich and will even stall if I don't keep my foot on the gas. I think it is the float adjustment but I don't have specs. fot the settings on the carb. Does anyone have specs. for settings on it? Or is there any other reason that may cause it to do this? The only numbers on it I can see is, (1406 3503). Thanks for any info.
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check and make sure your choke is not staying on for starters whether it is mechanical or electrical if the choke does not open it will run rich. if the choke is functioning as it should then likely a rebuild will take care of the problem unless the carb has been modified for a specific engine by switching the metering rods and changing the jet size, if it has they make an assortment kit of different sized metering rods and jets and may take several tries using different combinations to get it corrected.
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I agree with BeJay 100%.

Unfortunately the misnomer is that these aftermarket carbs are better than the stock Rochesters they replace.

Newsflash: They aren't. Most folks are simply ignorant about Rochesters. They are far superior in all ranges for a street car than anything out there.
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1406=Performer Series; Carburetor; 600cfm; Square-Flange; Electric Choke; w/o EGR;

You should find all the info you need at the Edelbrock site including Tech Support. Cut and paste this link.


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