ceiling falling in


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Question ceiling falling in

Car: Olds Cutlass Ciera '89
Problem: the fabric ceiling of the cab interior has apparently come unglued. It hangs down, such that it looks like a circus tent from the underside. It hinders any driver over 5' 4" from safe driving, b/c it hangs down right on the driver's head! Tall drivers really get tangled up in it.
So far, all my online searches have availed nothing.
Is there a glue I can use to stick it back up?
I really don't want to staple it, b/c that'd look tacky.
I'm looking for a permanent, nice-looking solution.
To anyone who's encountered this before: a step-by-step set of instructions and also necessary tools and supplies would be EXCELLENT!
Thanks a lot!

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Any trim shop should be able to handle this fix. I've done a job such as this and it's not that difficult. The key is to find the right material and being able to remove the headliner frame without destroying it.

A special material is used for the headliner which consists of the visible headliner fabric sandwiched to a thin layer of foam. I've been able to get the material from our local fabric strore (Minnesota Fabrics). Or try your local trim shop.

I'm not intimately familiar with your car, but I imagine it should have a removable headliner frame. It may be very delicate. Try removing it without breaking it.

Once the frame is out, completely remove the old headliner, cut the new headliner to fit, and use a spray 3M adhesive to bond the new headliner to the frame. The whole job should cost less than $50.
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This is a tough one on the newer cars. Alot in the way to come out.

Best way and right way: Have an auto trim shop handle the whole thing.

Alternate way: Take out the board and old fabric, let the trim shop glue up a new fabric to the board and you reinstall it.

Cheap way out: Colored thumb tacks to keep it out of your face .
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Try these links for some info or do a search at www.google.com and plug in headliner repair . Its a pain to do but if you have the time, it can be rewarding.

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Talking ceiling falling in

Thank you for the replies!
I'll try the other links to get a "bigger picture" of the situation and give the ideas a try.
It's excellent to have an informed place to start.

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Cheap solution?
Pickup several packs of clear screw in upholstery tacks at
Walmart. Start screwing the tacks in close to where the
material is still attached and work your way out. Works
great and doesn't look too bad.
We used to have an '87 Grand Am that we drove another
80k Miles after we "fixed" the headliner. That was a great
little car. We paid $900 for it and it had 95k miles on it.
Spent a grand total of $60 on repairs(that includes $5.00
for tacks). Sold it at 175k miles for $1200. Replaced it with
a '92 that I just sold for scrap for $200 with only 85K miles
on it. Go figure!
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