switch settings changed on blower


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switch settings changed on blower

79 Chevy Blazer, 4wd, 350, 4bb, fullsize

I finally got around to fixing the blower switch in the truck and discovered that it may be wired different than the old one? Looked identical, or maybe some changes were made to either the switch design or previous owner made changes that I can't find

I unhooked the old switch, and replaced it with the new one (purchased from dealership). Checked the colors of the wires against the old, and checked that the connector was the same. Not hard to install because the connector plug slides on to the switch so no wiring necessary.

The difference is that before the change I had (switch is vertically moved) from top to bottom: high, med, low, off. This also is what is listed on the panel. I replaced the switch since the 'high' setting did not work, the others did.

Today it works like this top to bottom: off, high, med, low. I don't have a problem with this. Just wanted to check and make sure that there won't be any problems down the line. No blown fuses, blower works great, no smells, etc.


Ps. The blower and blower resistor (?) were also replaced, resistor purchased from dealership and blower from auto parts store.

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Kay i wouldn't worry about it you may have the switch upside down.No big deal if it's not broke don't fix it lol.Have a nice day Kay.
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There's a couple of possibilities:

1) You have the switch upside down as Davo stated.
2) The truck has had some "repairs" done in the past as you alluded to. Not uncommon on something this old.
3) The switch has been consolidated by GM so that they can cover more applications with the same part. This is the trend with parts for old vehicles where GM still makes the part available. I just bought two battery cables for my 79 T/A. Same part #s as in the parts book from 1987, but look TOTALLY different than the originals.

As I recall, the connector only goes on one way. Orient the switch so the high is up top and then plug it in that way.
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Thanks guys!

As long as I'm not going to destroy or burn up anything, I'm okay with the setup.

I installed it the same direction that it came out, and the switch will only bolt in correctly one way. I think I will just adapt to the difference in the writing on the panel and the actual switch setting since the dash front is a bugger to get out.

Also, with its solid dash construction makes for akward ways to have to go after the wiring, etc. I do like the solid construction...no complaints here. Feel safe in my big truck especially when driving in Memphis, TN! (aside from the 18 wheelers whipping in and around me!) This is our family "station wagon", plus a little playing in the mud never hurt anyone!


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