replacement tires


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replacement tires

I got myself in trouble, actually my wife did but it's still my fault

She rode over a sizable boulder on the road planning on letting it pass though the tires but, didn't make it. Anyway rather then replacing a 300 aluminum wheel, I decided to
replace the wheel with a steel rim at Discount Tire. They put my tire on the still rim and I installed the wheel on my van at home because the spare tire was damaged by the same boulder!.
I drove the van around the block and it seemed to be ok, but when measured the distance between the wheel well and the ground on the left side compare to the right side (where the new rim was installed) it's ! lower then on the left side!
I am really puzzled with this and don't know what to do now. Initially I was going to let her drive like this until I find a decent replacement aluminum wheel and reruber it back
but used wheels are almost just as expensive as the new ones because they are hard to come by.
Now I am leaning towards purchasing all stell wheels for $50 a piece and getting $40 hubcaps.
Am I going to alter anything in the suspension alignment or speedometer readings or who know what but doing that?
Should I better get a bigger tires and wheels at ones ( this is for Mazda MPV 2001 LX had an option of 15" 205/65/R15-on the car now or 215/60 R16 )
I am lost, please help to figure this one out.

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This is a 2001 vehicle not a 1981 . Spend the green and get the proper OEM wheel for it. That's what I would do.
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