94/isuzu/rodeo - Ac And Fan Prob


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Question 94/isuzu/rodeo - Ac And Fan Prob

I own a 1994/Isuzu/Rodeo/V6/4WD/automatic transmission. When I punch the gas, to pass another car or when accelerating from a stop for example, the fan or AC, when on, will turn off and then turn back on a few minutes later. This seems to have something to do the RPM's, because it seems that when I slow down and the RPM's go down, is when the fan or the AC will turn back on. If I keep going at high rate of speed, 80 or 90 MPH, the fan or AC will not turn back on at all until I stop or slow down enough to bring the RPM's down. Right around 2000 RPM's is where it seems to turn back on. Can you help me diagnose the problem and is this something that I can repair myself?

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Well, here's my 2 cents. I'm not familier with Isuzu but almost all other makes that I am familier with have an A/C cutout feature that is controlled by the ECM(Computer) and the throttle position sensor. When you press almost all the way down on the accelerator pedal you place the throttle position sensor at its maximum rotation, called WOT(Wide Open Throttle), this sends a signal to the ECM to turn off the A/C and to go to a rich air/fuel mixture because the driver is demanding performance. You might have a problem with this circuit but before I would waste a bunch of your personal time and money on it I would check with Isuzu and see what the specs are.
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I agree with Steve.

You're asking the squirrels, I mean ponies in the engine to work harder. Lol .
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