Joe's favorite ride


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Joe's favorite ride

Hey Joe, just curious, what's your favorite car of all time. Include everything; value, reliability, appearance, specs, et al. Why?
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I own three of them and plan to expand my collection as time goes on:

Pontiac Trans Am.

I own/also own other good cars as well. My 84 Oldsmobile 88 is a great automobile as well.

Not a lick of trouble in 6 years, was free, and it's easy to fix, comfortable and reliable.

GM rear drive rules and is far superior all around in my belief. The fact that GM is still the #1 carmaker bolsters things a bit. LOL.

My .02.
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Here, Here!
Gotta love those Trans Ams!

I started with a 1968 Formula 400 Firebird.
Let my parents talk me into a "more reliable"
vehicle when I graduated from college and
started working full time. So I traded for a
new 1980 Firebird with a V6. Worst decision
of my life! I quickly traded that for a new 1982
TA in late '81. I've still got it, all original, with
only 50K miles. White/Black. I wouldn't take
$20,000 for it. But I would trade it even for
'67 or '68 Firebird Convertible in the same
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How about "Car I don't own anymore, but wish I'd kept?"

Mine would be my first car, 1966 Austin-Healey Sprite MkIII, bought in 1970 for $550. What a blast.
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We actually almost sold the 80 Turbo with 26,000 original miles back in '88 when my dad died.

My neighbor the mechanic said, "Keep the 83 Coupe DeVille, newer and more practical car". I said, "Nah, the Pontiac is better. Besides the HT4100 will give grief down the road in the Caddy".

Never lasted that long. My neighbor's daughter bought our Cadillac and was rear ended on the Garden State Parkway in NJ by a dump truck. She was lucky to be alive. The Cadillac was demolished beyond no end.

Fate has its ways . My dad loved that Cadillac when he was alive though
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So I get it that the sentiment is American all the way huh? Good 'ol gas guzzling American made "never say die" craftsmanship! Good to know. Thanks everyone, I appreciate your thoughts.
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Considering my car's fuel mileage rival today's SUV's, in comparison they are hardly gas guzzling giving the mileage I drive them .

P.S. Tow Guy is referring to a car that is English, not American made .

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