1993 saturn clutch problems


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Angry 1993 saturn clutch problems

Has anyone had any experience with changing the clutch on a Saturn? My father and I changed the clutch, throw-out bearing and the pressure plate, but when we put it all back together there was no clutch pressure.
We took the engine out put the new parts in, the engine runs fine but when you press the clutch it simply flies to the floor. So what is happening is that we cannot disengage the clutch. We thought it might be air in the hydraulic lines so we bleed them and then replaced them.
Any suggestions would be helpful.
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Likely a wiped out clutch cylinder. I believe the Saturn has a hydraulic type clutch. You have to REALLY bleed it to get all the air out.

I suggest you look at autolibrary.org link below in my signature file and see what they have to say.
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hydraulic system

It does indeed have a hydraulic system and we bleed the hell out of it. We then replaced the entire system.
Thanks for the reply
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Did you open any part of the hydraulic system during replacement?If so you may still have air.If you did not you may have bumped the cluch fork off it's pivot or bumped the throwout bearing out of place during installation.Did you match new parts to the old?
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howstuffworks.com has a good moving diagram that shows all the parts of the clutch system moving when pressing the pedal or depressing .The most important thing to understand is the pressure plate operation . The fingers are really levers that lever against each finger pin that move pressure plate from its bell housing. The bell housing is the housing the pressure plate seems attached to and comes as a single piece.Type in the word clutch in the search square and get a good description.I think 99 percent of people don't know how the pressure plate works and hense don't know how the clutchsystem works .
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We did open the original system, we then bleed it. I have heard that once open it is very hard to get the air out. When we installed the new system we never opened it, so if it has air in it, it is from the factory. I will take a look at howstuffworks to make sure I know what i'm talking about.

As for the fork and throwout bearing, they were installed properly but it was extremely difficult to mate the engine and transmission when reinstallng the engine. Maybe a this point we brough something out of alignment.

Has anyone atually done this before, if so how did you mate the engine and transmission. If we screwed up anywhere that must be it.

Thanks everyone
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read below posting

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