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Post What now??

hello all...
first stats
1994 jeep cherokee sport
6 cylinder
156,000 miles

My jeep has been great to me ... however out of the blue it started running rough.
Within the week , it's almost undriveable

engine has a rough idle altho it stays running with out having to give it gas

1st gear is ok but not as much power as i'm used to

2nd gear same

when I engage 3rd gear I lose power when trying to accelerate and it starts shaking

4th gear is worse and it feels like I'm riding a bucking bronco

5th is the same

I can get up to speed , however its more like 0-55 in 5 miles.

I have to turn off the air cond. while accelerating because that seems to steal power.

we've replaced the fuel filter, did a tune up , when I check for the code I get a number that doesnt exist in my book.

we checked the compression in the spark plug holes and that seemed fine

we looked under the valve cover and that seemed ok

we're starting to lean towards the fuel injectors ...any advice or experience welcome

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Did you check the basics by Joe F yet?If not I suggest you do so.
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I second that. See below.
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What error code did you get that wasnt in your book? Did you replace the spark plug wires during the tune up?
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error code erase

I had an error code in my computer so I erased it and drove the car again to pick up any engine faults to codes again.
To erase codes, remove the negative battery post clamp{yes,negative and not positive} and depress the brake pedal for 10 seconds with engine off so the brake light comes on.The brake light being on dissapates any power in the computer which may be stored in capacitors ,to ground.Drive around again to catch a fault code.This is the standard way to remove computer power which resets the computer.
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Ignition should be on when erasing codes by depressing brake pedal and of course the brake light won't be lit when depressing the pedal because the negative clamp will be off the battery but make sure the brake light will come on when depressing the pedal and battery connected because when the engine is off, the brake pedal is high when depressed because of no vacuum and so on some cars the brake light might not come on.Power is dissapated through the brake light when erasing the codes by my method which is in my Haynes manual, thereby discharging the capacitors in the computer and rendering the computer reset.
I.E. no power in the computer whatsoever.
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With that kind of mileage I would start replacing vacuum lines as the are a cheap, easy thing to do and it escaping vacuum could be the cause of your problem.

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