Hyundai Scoupe


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Hyundai Scoupe

I have a 93 hyundai scoupe and was driving it today and it started to lose power. now it will not go over 20 mph. could this be fuel filter or does anybody have any ideas? also when i step on the gas pedal i hear something like air leaking. help please.
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Check that no vacuum lines or anything under the hood has come unplugged or fallen off.

When was the last time it saw service and a tuneup? Does it sound like an exhaust leak?

Possible restricted exhaust.
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hyundai-best Asian car

Is engine check light on.?If it is ,then one of the sensors is defective or what the sensors sense is not right so the computer might shut the engine down to LIMP HOME MODE so the engine can barely run so as to make you fix the problem or you most likely will drive the car for years at less than 100 percent engine peak performance which means your car will spew out pollution out the exaust.The reason for the computer and sensors is to make your engine run at 100 percent tweakness which is another way of saying minimum polution exaust.
So if the engine check light is on,fix the underlying problem that is causing that then after fixing that problem then fix any other sympton.

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