toyota 22 r moter


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Angry toyota 22 r moter

i have a 88 toyota van ok enough cringing for those who have had to deal with them and for those who have not be afraid verry afraid any way it has the 22r (4 ey-c) moter not a bad engine except for one thing this one has 240,500 miles and is getting a bad rod knok number four piston has enough free play at the crank that it is like driving with a hand grenade under me however i cannot afford to replace the van for a while and it is my only transport i do however have another engine but not the time or money to do the swap is it possible to just swapp the bottem end(crank main bearings and rods from under neath as it is very simple to get the oil pan and thanks to the design with enough room to work any ideas would be appreciated
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it would be cheaper labor wise to install the other engine.
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Swap in the other engine if you're sure it's mechanically sound. You do not want to do this twice!

Once you have the greenbacks, pitch this one for something better....this was one of Toyota's poorer efforts .
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toyota abortion

after talking to a tech at work today i was told in this case since i need to swap the tranny and do not know for sure about the other engine as i have never seen it run and from the previous "owner it just stopped one day" the cranks in mine are still ok as is the oil presure and top end the prob was from an oil leak that i let go to far so it is just the bearings that are bad and the cost of having it done is about 800 plus misc. parts versus 300 for the crank swap so cost wise it is better just tried to find the cheapest way to go already found its replacement as well so it does not have to last long next prob is putting brakes from master cylender to all four wheels on my next van (dodge with $3000 worth of new moter and misc other parts but my cost 200 talk about a step up

maybe i can find a good use for the 2 toyota vans ............any one wanna have a bon fire?
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It actually doesn't have a 22R motor...that's traditionally mounted and rear drive (truck, Celica, etc).

The motor in this van is a different one. The motor is not the problem, the van is a wicked heap and always was. Terrible to service, dangerous (you're sitting on a hot motor) and your body is the crash protection. Lol. (Not much in front).

Rather than sink nearly a grand in a shoe like this, cut your losses, pitch it and replace it with something better and more serviceable.

My .02
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toyota van

actually you are right it is a 4-ey-c motor and yes it is rear drive (actually 4x4) and it is a seat heater but in its current state more like a hand grennade seat old engine(from doner) is out and current slated for monday swap done on mnday or tues. total cost 400 sold after completion for 700 (sucker born every minute )then start brakes on my new caravan at least thats not hard to get parts for cant wait till kids are older so can go back to the 2 seater less "practical" cars
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Good move. These are money pits and not worth a wooden nickel.

Get rid of it and take the tax write-off and done with the headaches.
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