96 Saturn starting problem


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Question 96 Saturn starting problem

I have a 1996 Saturn SL with a twin cam 16 valve engine, 5 speed. When I go to start the car it doesn't agree. It is fuel injected, so I should not have to touch the gas, but to get it to start I have to have the gas pedal all the way to the floor. Then after it starts I have to rev it up a couple of times or it will stall, after that little ritual it runs absolutely fine. I have not, as of yet, tried anything for this. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on where to start.
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take it to a shop and have it diagnosed it is obvuisley getting to much fuel at startup, when you hold the pedal to the floor the computer sees it as a flooded mode and shuts off injector pulse, could be a bad coolant temp sensor that is reading alot colder than actual engine temp, injector leaking down, could be several things a shop should be able to scan the computer and determine if sensors are reading correctly, and run fuel pressure test, and see if pressure is bleeding down due to injector leaking.

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