Chrysler Transmision filter


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Angry Chrysler Transmision filter

I have a 1990 Chrysler, Town and Country Van. The Trasmision stopped working-I can shut the van off-wait about 2 minutes-then start it-shift into gear, and it will go about 10-15 feet-then nothing.
Someone told me it might just be the filter--

My question is--how do I change the filter?

Although the van is old and has 195000 miles-I still love it and my children miss traveling in it.

I would like to try a repair it-but with limited funds, I want to try the least expensive way first.

Thank you for you help !!
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Change the fluid and filter (right below the pan).

Not likely to help at this mileage. These Chryslers are known for bad trannies, and this one's on borrowed time. You can try though.

One other possibility is a computer (PCM) problem----time for professional diagnostics here.
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Chrysler Transmision

Thank you Joe_F
I will try the fluid and filter first--on my next day off.

I will let you know how I make out-

Thanks again!
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Check out the URL below for common Chrysler transaxle problems & fixes:

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