95 chevy blazer


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Unhappy 95 chevy blazer

our 95 chevy blazer is misbehaving again! it has a 4.3 liter engine (pretending i know what i'm talking about - if i'm wrong, please tell me!). was driving it on the highway yesterday when it kind of skipped a beat, then was fine for about another half mile - then everything just shut down...speedo dropped like a hot potato, and fortunately i was at an exit ramp and managed to coast down the ramp and into a gas station parking lot. no power steering, and the brakes barely worked.
the engine will turn over, but it won't start.
we had similar problems when we first bought it, the dealer had it repaired - we were told it had something to do with a malfunctioning sensor. two months ago it was running really roughly after a long road trip, took it in to precision tune and was told that the EGR valve was sticking - the guy fixed it and said we shouldn't have any serious problems, but that the valve might stick every once in a while.
does this new problem sound like it would be caused by the EGR valve? or is it something more dreadful? i am hoping we can fix this ourselves.
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Have you read basics by Joe?The egr will not cause a no start.
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Somehow the forum announcement Knuckles set up is gone, so see below for "The Basics".
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sar i had same problem with 89 s-10 its got a 4.3 engine. mine stopped same way i checked spark-it was ok - checked fuel and found my fuel pump was gone. the pump in mine was in the gas tank. i first tesed it by pouring a small amount of fuel down throttle body-when did this it fired up for just a second.
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blazer fixed

All better! Apparently somehow (my daughter swears it was the pixies) a sensor wire blew up against something else, and it shorted out the electrical system. Again, i'm not up on engine language, but I do my best . *S* The guys at precision tune replaced all the fuses and had to sort out the wires, but she's running again and happy.
Thanks, everyone!

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