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Would a bad torque converter cause a shudder ocasionally in a vehicle (my wife describes it as the car getting a cold chill ) It usually occurs at speeds 45 MPH and above and as often as every 30 seconds.After 2 days of testing at the Dodge dealership,they came to the conclusion of a bad torque converter,and wanted $2175 to replace it. I carried it to a transmission repair shop and after test driving it,he added a product called shudder stop (or something like that) for $20 and said this might solve the problem.His theory was that I had let a Texaco express lube flush the transmission and replace the fluid(we were experiencing hard downshifting when coming to a stop ) and they didn't use Chrysler fluids,which has the additive in it.He said if this didn't work,the torque converter replacement would be $675. Anyone else ever had something like this ?
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Yes, if you don't use Chrysler approved ATF (their own blend) you can cause damage.

The goo in a can may or may not work. Likely looking at a torque converter or a rebuild down the road .
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Thanks Joe,
You would think that a business who services transmissions ought to know this(Texaco express lube). I will be finding out what type of fluid was used and if wrong type,I will hold them accountable for it .

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