ford tempo starting problem - no spark?


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Question ford tempo starting problem - no spark? - still

A couple of months back I had troble with my Ford Tempo not starting and draining the battery fast. Someone suggested the starter. I let it sit for the last two months, because I have not had time to work on it yet.

This weekend, I put in a different starter, and the car does turn over, but will not fire up. I have put in a new TFI module, a new coil, and a new relay as well. If I put a spark plug on the end of the coil wire, and try to start it, I just get a orange spark. I checked each cylinder off the distributor, and each of the four wires has a spark, but it is a dull orange spark. Even before the distributor, the spark seems weak.

Should I not be getting a bright blue spark?

I cleaned and sanded all the grounds, and reverified the coil was working. The coil has the appropriate measurements per the manufacturer specs. I checked the fuel line and it is putting out gas. I pulled out each (new) spark plug, and they do smell of fuel.

I am sure I am so close to getting it running, but don't know what to do now.

Anything else I am missing? Help, I am at the end of my rope.


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You have an ignition problem. The spark should be fat, blue and consistent.

Check the pickup in the distributor for one possibility.
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Ignition isolation?

Should disconnecting the coil wire from the distributor, and installing a plug on the end of the coil lead, not isolate the distributor.

I have done this. Trying to start the car with only a spark plug off the coil, I still get a dull orange spark. Would this not mean the trouble is prior to the distributor?

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There should be a radio noise suppression capacitor connected to one side of the ignition coil. They sometimes short internally, which can cause a weak spark. Disconnect the capacitor & see what happens.
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