tripped thread during transmission fuild change


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wai chow
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tripped thread during transmission fuild change

I just did my 97 Dodge Caravan transmission oil change, which I've just bought it from a car dealer. When I try to re-tighten the bolts, 4 of them just can't be tightened up, the bolts just keep turning. I think the thread of the thread hole has been stripped. I found out the threaded hole is for M8 x 1,25 bolt. I wonder can I re-tap the hole with M9 x 1,25? The transmission case I believe is aluminum, do I need any special tools to tap it?
Also I bought a filter kit from Canadian tire which comes with a gasket & filter, do I need gasket sealent to put on the top of the gasket?

The caravan is 3.0L 3 speed
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Use the proper size tap to clean out and redo the threads.

Do not use excess gasket sealer on gaskets. Make sure both surfaces are clean and dry. Put a little sealer to keep the gasket in place and then just bolt it up to the tranny, torquing the bolts in sequence (do not overtighten).

The gasket does the sealing not the sealer. It's merely there to hold it in place. Excess sealant can get into the valve body and damage it.
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wai chow
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thanks, I 've done what have been told. Everything seem fine now. Thank again.

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