94 jeep cherokee starting problem


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Question 94 jeep cherokee starting problem

My 94 jeep cherokee will not start after it has been driven a few miles , but after it has cooled down it starts fine. sometimes it will
shut off when you are driving down the road or sitting still.
can someone please help with this problem?????? It.s a 4.o ltr,
auto trans. 2 wheel drive

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Start with the links and posts below in my signature file.
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You should hook up a fuel pressure gauge to see what the pressure is when it wont start. If you have no pressure chances are it is a fuel pump, if you do have pressure than you should check for spark from the coil. If there is no spark, try a coil, if there is, check for spark from the plug wire. Is the check engine light on? A bad crank sensor, coil or fuel pump can give you this condition.
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I agree, but don't "try" any parts before testing them and damning them as bad first .

Most electrical parts are not returnable to stores and you may eat a coil and it's not your problem....

Test them as per the specs and procedures in autolibrary below first and then determine what's bad and what's not .

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