cavalier hard to start


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cavalier hard to start

I have a 1994 cavalier with 85000 miles on it. The car will not start untill the oil pressure reads approx. 25 psi. The problem is the same when cold or hot. I hate working the starter this hard as it takes time to build up the oil pressure.

thanks for any help
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Starting has nothing to do with oil pressure.In your case its an ignition problem or fuel pressure and because your car is old,it probably is due to low pressure in the combustion chamber due to worn rings and carbon buildup is a major contributing factor also.Do a compression test and blast out the carbon.Some garages have the equipment to blast out the carbon or if your car has a carb. buy a aresol can of combustion cleaner which cleans out the carb and will clean out to some extent the combustion chamber.If you have fuel injection ,buy a can of throttle body cleaner and spray the throttle body which is where the air cleaner big plastic duct attaches to the engine but spray into the engine side.This is the major reason for hard starting of older cars with fuel inj.
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