Grand Am blower resistor


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Grand Am blower resistor

Is the blower resistor hard to get to on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am?
(I don't have a manual yet. It's on order. )
The dealer will replace it but for $120.00 Canadian.

Is it in a tight spot?

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Should be covered free on the 3/36 GM factory warranty. Even if you are a little over on mileage, fight for it to be fixed free.

Barring that, a quick call to any GM dealer's parts dept will net you the location of the resistor.
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The blower motor resistor is located under the passenger side of the dash, next to the blower motor. It's easy to get to & doesn't take long to replace. You will need to remove the lower hush panel on the pass. side to access the blower resistor.
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Just like you said.

Thanks Guys,

Just like you said Knuckles. Was easy to get to but what a tight spot. Had to buy the smallest socket wrench I could find. Let me tell ya it was a tight fit. It was a favor for a friend, he was tired of the 5th speed of that blower (it could blow a hump off a camels back). Now he's set for the winter. We both thank you guy's. I got a free wrench & saved me buddy some
fat $$$

You guys are the best!

P.S.My friend says he has no warraty, or its finnished, or they bought it used, or got ripped off. I could'nt get a straight answer out of him I think it's his Mom's car but He dosen't want me to know. ????
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