Jeep Shaking and vibrating over 55


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Jeep Shaking and vibrating over 55

Hello everyone,
I have a 1991 Jeep Cherokee RWD\4WD 4.0V6, Just recently on was on the interstate and I noticed that as soon as I reached 55mph the car would start to shake a lot almost like it was going to fly off the road. The shaking was coming from the rear of the car. I have checked all the tires, rebalanced them. I take it Four Wheeling a lot (Jumping, Mud, Holes, Steep Climbs) and think that this problem might be U-Joints but I am not sure. I also have 31in Tires (a bit large). If someone could please help me.
Thank you
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Two things come to mind:

1) Have you checked the driveshaft? There are counter weights on the driveshaft that may have come off. You should be able to see if they have. Something else, have you replaced the u-joints if so are you sure you got the drive shaft back in the same orintation, it could be out 180 degrees.

2) Did you wash the inside of your wheels, they can become caked with mud and throw your balance. I doubt this is an option, as any reputable balance job the guy doing the balance job should know to check that.

Check these things and post back.

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