Overheating 1988 Legend


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Overheating 1988 Legend

I have a 1988 Acura Legend that likes to overheat. There are two fans mounted on the radiator, one on the passenger side (assumably for the AC only), and the second on the drivers side (assumably to cool the radiator fluid when it gets too hot).

Problem: When the AC is on, both fans come on, and the car never overheats. When the AC is off, neither fan ever comes on, and the car overheats after about 20 minutes.

The temperature gauge on the dashboard seems to works fine. I believe the thermostat is working okay. The bottom radiator hose, which goes to the thermostat, gets hot after about ten minutes. I believe this tells me that the thermostat has opened?? I understand there is a thermostatic switch somewhere that regulates when the fan turns on/off, but I do not know where it's loacted, or if it's replacable. Thank You!!
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Thermostatic Switch

I had a Honda that did the same thing.

My switch was located at the bottom right or left of the radiator on the engine side (been awhile, can't remember). Look for two wires going to the bottom of the radiator.

Yes, it's replacable and is a diy project.

Obtain a replacement switch, disconnect battery, drain the radiator, remove the wire harness from the switch, remove the switch, put in replacement switch, reconnect harness, replenish antifreeze, and you're done.

In the meantime if you're overheating, turn on the AC and get those electric fans moving!!!!
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At the same time, flush the radiator, change the thermostat and replace both hoses. Now's the time to do a cooling system service on it.
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Many, Many Thanks!!

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