'88 broncoII, 4x4 drive


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'88 broncoII, 4x4 drive

Hello Everyone;
I bought another '88 BroncoII, 2.9L, 4 sp od, 117,000 miles. Just my luck the 4x4 and lo range do not work. I dropped the overhead console to check for power. With the ignition on, there is a red wire with 12v. going to the printed circuit board, but it seems to dead end at the board. There is a yellow wire suppling power to the 2 switches but it only has 5.5v. Where does this yellow wire get its power from? When I push either switch I hear a faint sound like a relay from under the dash, I hear the same sound when I release the switch, but I cannot locate the relay? I have found the module behind the drivers seat on the side panel. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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In many cases, the brushes on the actuator get glazed (I forget what type of system the Bronco II has) and it won't engage. Mostly a problem where the 4WD isn't used much?

What does your service manual have to say? If you don't have one (You should ), check the links and posts I have below to see if they have anything on it.

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