'89 Ford Aerostar


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Unhappy '89 Ford Aerostar

I started my van w/o problem. Put it in gear and moved out of the driveway (was facing street). Van died so I started it again. Pulled out of driveway and put it in reverse to back up to mailbox. Moved forward to newspaper box when van began to act sluggish like it wanted to die. When I got to the newspaper box it did die. Distance between mailbox and newspaper box is approx. 30 ft.
I tried to restart the van with no results. I noticed both the oil and voltage gauges were all the way down to the bottom of their respective indicators.
I had a neighbor try to give me a jump. No positive results again. The engine turns over but doesnt actually turn on.
I called my normal mechanic but he said he felt it needed to go on a diagnostic machine. (He doesnt have one)
I was wondering if it could possibly be the fuel filter. (I have 1/2 a tank of gas) I checked the battery for water, it was fine. Radiator was fine. Oil and Trans fluids are fine. Battery is charged.
Please advise as to what it could possibly be.
Thanks for any help.....

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Start with my post "The Basics below" and the links in my signature file below.

Tell us what you find as a result of that.
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You need to check your fuel pressure and to see if you have fire to the plugs. Joe has some good links for testing this stuff, check em out. Let us know what you find.

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