blinking oil light

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blinking oil light

The oil light in my 1991 Olds Bravada AWD (135K miles) has been blinking off and on for a week. It first only came on at stop lights, and went away while moving. Now the oil light is blinking more often, but not continuously. The dipstick shows full, and I have always changed the oil every 3K miles. I took the car to the dealer, who said it needed a new engine.
I have noticed no decrease in performance, no drop in gas mileage, no increased exhaust fumes, no oil in driveway or on the engine. A new engine seems like a huge step. But this service department has been great in the past, and they don't sell engines, so they had nothing to gain by telling me that. Does this sound reasonable or are there any other (ie-cheaper and less drastic) steps I could try first? And what's the difference between an oil pump and an oil sending unit?
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Did they test your oil pressure with a hand held mechanical guage?That would be my first step in an oil pressure concern.If they didn't, have it checked somewhere else and post back to this thread.
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Tell them to furnish you the readings taken with their calibrated pressure gauge and at what RPM and show you what the service manual states the pressure should be.

If they look at you like you've got four heads, now ask them how they've come to the conclusion you need a new engine. If they don't have an answer to that, run for the hills---wrong place to bring your vehicle.

I agree with Davo. It could also be a bad oil sending unit.

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