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Cool changing motors

i am wanting to change a motor in a 1998 ford taurus and i wanting to know if it has to come out of the bottom or top?
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Err, the top . Unless you want to take the subframe out with the engine attached. Lol.

I suggest you pick up a repair manual on your car from the parts store or library before diving in.

Be careful about spending money on an old heap like this. Fords of this vintage have notoriously bad transmissions and you might find yourself sinking lots of green into an old heap .
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It's supposed to come out the bottom, with the subframe and trans. attached.

You can remove a 3.0L 2V engine from the top IF you remove the accessories & timing chain cover from the engine first. It's a tight squeeze, but the engine will come out.

With the proper equipment (lift & the correct 'table' type powertrain hoist), it's actually easier to remove the entire engine/trans/subframe as an assembly from the bottom.

Assuming you're working at home, try the above method. It works. It's TIGHT, but it works.
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Assuming that it is not a 3.8, which was also available in this year.

The original poster's post does not tell us, so we have to assume
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I want to switch the 4 cylinder in my GMC sonoma to a 6 cylinder, how much trouble will this be?

It's a 2002 truck and I want to put a 95 6 cylinder in it.

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