sick honda


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joe breckenridge
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sick honda

I have a 90 honda prelude she boges down when under load
in 1st & 2nd gear but only under harder accelleration it acks like maybe bad gas but i really don't think thats it , filled her up with good gas but have only run her about 30-40miles since then - in the higher gears while under motion she seems to be ok ---this is my son's car from college and I really think he could tear up a bowling ball !------ timming belt was changed about 15,000 miles ago all fluids seem ok- is a stick shift , w/injectors - he let the coolent get way down I flushed it & replaced the t-stat a couple of weeks ago but this problem has since showed up
any sugestions?
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Start with the links and posts in my signature file below,
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I would check the air filter,fuel filter and for an exhaust restriction first.When was the last major tune up?
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joe breckenridge
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seems to be no exhaust restriction, and air filter is good , haven't got to the fuel filter yet as for a tune up that would have been with in the last year but these honda's don't usually give me much problems ( I have 4 hondas ,80 ,90, 93 & 98 , one 70 e-type jag and a 93 buick of all of the hondas give me the least trouble )--may have been the gas she is running better now ---while I have not had any long drives ,under shorter trips 10-15 minuites she seems to do ok (that was this morning ) last night after driving for 30 minuites she did it only one time but even then only when I drove her fairly hard ---I am hoping this was just trash in the gas ---but time will tell
hey guys thanks for this forum will let you know what I find out
Thanks ,

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