87 chevy sprint keeps stalling


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Question 87 chevy sprint keeps stalling

My son has an 87 Chevy sprint, it has been sitting for four years. We have done some things to it but we cannot seem to keep it running. We have done the following : oil, air, & fuel filters, pcv, plugs, wires, cat converter, resonator (sp) & muffler, starter, alternator, belts, including timing belt. Here's the thing. It is very hard to start, you have to "pump" it a lot to even get it started, but as you are pumping it to get it going it "dogs". Once it is heated up it runs a little better but it still stalls. We put new gas in it including some stablizer to try and help with the very little old gas that was in there. We have a distributer cap and rotor button but have not installed them as of yet but my husband does not think that is going to work any way. I know most or you would say to junk it but was given to my son when my father passed, plus it is VERY good on gas!!Any ideas or suggestions??
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You've already sunk a bunch of green into it (more than it's worth), so to scrap it now is pretty futile....

From sitting the carburetor has detoriated from the stale fuel. Time for a full carburetor rebuild with all new gaskets and O-rings.

It will probably pay to have the tank boiled out as well by a competent radiator shop.

Beyond that, if it doesn't help, I would say cut your losses and give it the heave ho.

Yes, it has "sentimental value", but these are horrible and cheaply screwed together deathtraps of cars. Much better can be obtained for the same money.

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