90 honda overheating?

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gear head
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90 honda overheating?

90 honda accord overheating. fan does not run with key on,but fan runs with key off.
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I would say you need to look at your cooling system a little closer, your fan isn't the culprit (unless your overheating problem is only at idle). Understand you need to get it working so you can keep it cool in stop and go traffic, and at idle but this isn't why you are overheating at highway speeds.

Does your heater blow hot air? If not your thermostat may be stuck closed. Replace thermostat.

With the motor cold take the cap off of the radiator, start the engine and let it warm up. Once it's warm and the thermostat has opened (top hose will become hot), look into the top of the radiator to see if you can see coolant flowing. If not, replace the water pump.

Check your radiator, when warm, with your hand (be careful your fan might just decide to start working). Check to see if you have any cold spots on the radiator. If you do you can try to flush your radiator, but you may need to take it to a shop and have it done. Or a new radiator should cost about 100 bucks.

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joe breckenridge
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could be one of the fans is dead or could be the temp sensor on the rad. could be the relay or the fuse -should be one fuse & relay under the hood in fuse box and should be one fuse in the fuse box inside the car -check all of these
does car have a/c --car should have a sub cooling relay/timer that truns on fan if a certain temp is reached after the key is turned off ( for somewhere around 5-10 minites ,this was changed somewhere around 91,92 so the newer hondas don't opperate this way but all of the older ones do) if it has a/c - turn on air and compresser (a/c switch inside the car ) and see if both fans turn on ----------if only one fan works it is probully a bad cooling fan if it does this the one that will work is sometimes called the sub cooling fan or sometimes called the condinser fan and it is wired to come on whenever the A/C is turned on
if so , you can drive it with the a/c on till you get it fixed and it should not overheat most of these hondas will keep cool as long as the car is moving but once stuck in traffic they will heat up quickly
Good Luck

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