pathfinder won't start - starter?


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Angry pathfinder won't start - starter?

3 weeks ago my pfinder wouldn't start. All dboard lights came on but no signs of life at all in the starter. I cleaned up the terminals but that didn't help. Replaced the battery - nothing. Tried a jumper wire right to the starter but that had no effect either. Finally, I replaced the starter. That seemed to do the trick - for about a day. The next day, it wouldn't start. I had all the same symptoms as the first time, though, this time it sounded like the starter was trying to engage which before I didn't hear. Decided that maybe it was a bum rebuild so I exchanged it for a new one, tested the new one at the store, and then installed it. After the install, no start at all. The battery and everything else appear to be fine but the starter doesn't make a sound. I decided to pull the starter away from the flywheel, ground it, and try again. Sure enough, it pops out and spins like crazy. Mount it back in place and I get nothing again. Someone suggested shims. I didn't have any so I just tried loosening the mounting bolts to give it some play but I still got nothing. No sound, no grinding, nothing.

Appreciate any thoughts.
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I would check the part number and make sure there wasn't a mid year change or something odd like that. Other than that if the starter checked out ok before the install, maybe check your starter solenoid.

Usually if the starter is one that possibly needs shims, it should say something in your manual (Helm or Haynes).
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May also have a bad cable. When you move it a little bit, it comes back to life...

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