2001 Isuzu Rodeo auto transmission


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Red face 2001 Isuzu Rodeo auto transmission

I was working on a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo, and drained out the transmission fluid. But the problem is that under the hood there is no dip stick or any other way to check the fluid level. So when I went to replace for-mentioned fluid there was no way to. Anyone out there with some hint's or answer or same problem.
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I drive a 98 Passport (Just a rebadged Rodeo). It's the exact same underneath. So here goes:

You should have noticed there are two plugs an upper and a lower. The lower is for partial draining, before the removal of the tranny pan. Geez that back bolt is a bear to get to (you will know the one I speak of if you took your pan off).

Ok now that you have drained and changed the filter, put your new gasket on and all, button your pan back up. Torque your pan bolts and now go back to the parts store and buy a pump. It's just a small hand pump and it comes with a hose attached. Just tell the guy at the counter you need a pump to refill a rear end. It's only about 5 bucks IIRC.

This next step should be done on level ground. Pump new tranny fluid into the top hole until it starts to come out and then put your plug back. Done.

You are correct there is no dipstick, we have a warning light for our tranny.

For more info on your truck visit:


Very good info and nice people to boot.

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