'87 F250 Hot Start Problem


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'87 F250 Hot Start Problem

Among a few other quirks remaining from scrapping a '90 F150 into my '87 (mostly body), I've had this problem the last for days coming to work - vehicle occasionally stalls (already working on this), and refuses to start. Cranks very weak, as if I had a bad battery or poor connections. If I let it sit for about five minutes (ticking off all the people behind me), it starts fine.

This past weekend, I cleaned up the wiring at the battery, starter module (thingy behind battery on fender), and ignition. Scrubbed it all clean, and used dielectric grease at all conections. Battery and starter were replaced within the last 4 months (I even tried another battery). The funny thing is, I never had this problem until I switched the body a few weeks ago (kept all wiring and harnesses from the '87).

Again, cold starts are fine (fired right up at 29 F this morning)...only has trouble when engine is hot.

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Make sure a heat shield is installed on the starter if originally equipped.

Pitch all the battery cables for new ones, these sound tired.

Beyond that, possible bad starter.
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Make sure engine to body has a ground cable which is usually bare braided flat copper cable, made that way to handle the engine movement and sway.Otherwise maybe compression is too high especially in a older engine.Blast out carbon in combustion chamber,you might have a lot there.
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Heat shield - N/A
Cable and starter are known to be good....but thanks for the tips Joe...

davidf - Compression isn't the prob, eng only has 30k on it...but engine grounding does sound like it could be the problem. I'll clean that up tonight and see what she does.

btw, took care of the idling/stalling problem. IAC module was bad. Sure is nice to have a spare truck to swap parts with.

Thanks again for the advice, guys.
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