Installing EGR valve on 626


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Unhappy Installing EGR valve on 626

Hi, I am the owner of a 1997 Mazda ES. It's a V6 2.5 Liter engine. I have a couple of questions to ask about installing the EGR valve on this vehicle. The first question, I am a bit confused about the location of the EGR valve. I have the Haynes repairbook, yet the illustrations there are pretty crappy. I also have researched the chilton link found on this forum, but it is a bit confusing as well. I'd like to make sure that I know where to find it before I work on it. Is it located underneath the elbow of the air intake hose? Or is it the valve located just behind the intake mainfold?

Also second, and last question: The haynes manual says to clean all carbon deposits before installing the vavle. Any special chemicals, tools or techniques I should use?

I would sure appreciate the info.

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One of your resources should have a picture of the EGR valve. You should be able to determine which one it is from there.

Cleaning it, get a good carb cleaner and spray away, let it sit for a minute, spray some more. Carb cleaner is really good at dissolving carbon. Just make sure it's dry when you install it. Some sensors on our newer vehicles don't like carb cleaner.

And EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirulation so whatever is left in the EGR valve you could blow out with compressed air or a can of computer cleaner air if you don't have a compressor.
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Alternatively, just call the Mazda dealer and ask them to find it on the parts fiche and advise you of the location.

Many valves are not revived by cleaning.. replacement is sometimes necessary. Use a new gasket in either case.

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