Couple Questions


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Couple Questions

Hey Joe,

This is on my 1989 Camaro, 305 Vin E, TBI.

I see on the transmission filter box that it says, "Be sure to change modulator" Where/what is this, and should I change while I'm in there?

I purchased a one man brake bleeder. I see where the container has to be higher than the hose/bleed valve, but I'm still a little puzzled on the process. Am I to understand that there is no need to have someone hold the brake pedal down to avoid backfeed of air, etc? I just pump till the line is clear?

I just bought two new rubber brake hoses for the calipers. I see there are two different part numbers. The hoses look identical tho. Which is which?

Thanks Joe!!!!

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Ask the parts store which # is for what side. There is probably a difference!! Have them double check the catalog.

Pitch the one man bleeder and get a helper. Works better .

A modulator is a vacuum cansister type device that provides vacuum to aid in shifting. I cannot recall if your 700R4 has one or not, but I think not.

The box instructions are generic and don't apply to all vehicles.
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thanks joe!!!!!
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I use the one person bleeder all the time. Works great for me. When the air bubles stop showing up, quit.

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