Right turn signal does not blink.


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Right turn signal does not blink.

I have a 1991 Chevrolet Corsica. Today the right turn signal stopped blinking. The fellow at the parts place said that a new bulb should fix it but I am curious if that is right or if there is a "flasher" part that it could be. All of the other lighting functions including the left turn signal are working fine. When I engage the right turn signal, the arrow on the dash board comes on and stays lit as does the turn signal bulb in the front and rear, they just do not blink. Thanks for any help.
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Yes, sounds like a bad flasher if all bulbs check out.

Make sure all bulbs are in correctly, are in good shape and are the right part # as the owner's manual specifies.
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It was the bulb.

When I made my original post I did not know that the tail light bulb also flashes along with a seperate turn signal bulb, so when I said all bulbs were working fine, just the right turn signal did not flash, I was wrong. The actual turn signal bulb burned out and I was seeing the tail light burning steady when I activated the turn signal switch. Sorry about the waste of time, the original parts guy was right.

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