1990 Toyota Camry Heater Question #4


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1990 Toyota Camry Heater Question #4

I still have no heat in my 4 Cylinder 1990 Toyota Camry with AC. I've completed the following Flushed the engine. heater and radiator cores. cahnged the thermostat, checked and verify that hot water is reaching and circulation thru the core.

I've also taken out the center console, center finished instrument panel cover, and the radio.

I'm looking very carefully at the mechanism which the temperature control cable connects to. I know it properly opens the control valve on the firewall, and it appears to propely open at least one vent door somewhere in the system separating the A/C air. However, there appears to be a linkage rod not working properly. Looking directly from where the radio is located. It's located off center about 3" and runs vertically for 4"-5". It located on the end of the linkage system and is the closest part of the linkage to front.
Now I've informed that my problem could be electric motor servo or the control module servo which is suppose work in conjuction with thermstat control cable. Is this possible, how can confirm which item is, where it is exactly located? Is there web site or repair easy to read repair manual, which would help is making this determination? Or could someone try to walk me through it on this site?
Also, I was told that I probably should be able to now open the dorr manually to get heat, thru system while still diagnosing the problem and fixing it. Is this also true and how do I go about doing this?
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Please do not start a post each time with a new question on the same vehicle. Use your reply button for continuity and so all can follow along.

You will likely need the Toyota service manual or should purchase an Alldata.com subscription (25 bucks for a year per vehicle). This will have any and all testing procedures on those components.
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If you just answer the question in your #3 post, I may be able to help you.

I have a very good idea of what the problem is.


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