Starter or Ign switch?


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Starter or Ign switch?

My daughters 94 Nissan Sentra, 1.6, AT, won't start. At first I though it was the gear selector not being in park, but that is OK. When I turn the key, a couple of relays in the fuse panel click, the headlights do not dim, and the starter does not do anything. How do I determine if it's the ign sw or starter? The starter is in a very difficult area to reach, behind the block, under the intake manifold. Can see only the rearmost mounting bolt, not the one between the block and starter. Even tough to see the electrical connections on the starter. Had it towed home, sat for 3 days, then started right up. After pulling it in the garage, it would not start again.
Thanks in advance,
John Lassiter
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When it happens again, tap on the starter body with a hammer. If it now starts, bad connection or starter.

Replace it with a Nissan rebuilt unit.
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This sounds exactly like what happened to my 1980 Mercury Zephyr. That turned out to be a badly corroded negative battery cable. The corrosion was INSIDE THE INSULATION and not readily visible, even when I checked my battery connections and cleaned them. All the electrical system continued to work (headlights, horn, etc.) but the starter motor would not turn. All you could hear was the starter relay chattering. So have a good look at your battery cables.
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Tapping on starters good or bad?

Hi! Joe
Your suggestion to tap on the starter might be best re-thought if the starter is a permanent magnet type (many imports & some domestics) it is possible to break the ceramic magnets by "tapping" on them and if they are not the problem they may become one. The permanent magnet types can usually be identified by having a slender body.
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True, if you rap on them .

Usually a tap will get it started if it's going to budge .
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Lightbulb starter question

if you tap on starter to no avail, find the stater relay under the hood and lightly tap on it as someone is turning the key. i found this the expensive way. it usually works.

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