95 Saturn SL2 overheating questions


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95 Saturn SL2 overheating questions

i have a 95 Saturn SL2 with approximately 105,000 miles on it. When driving around town and on the interstates the temp gauge will sit around 1/2 way mark or just a little above, but never lower than that. In the city, coming to a stop light and sitting for a few mins, it'll go to 3 quarter way mark then the fan will kick on and cool down to below the half way mark and continually do that cycle on city driving. Starting the car when parked overnight etc and starting to drive around it'll steadily rise to the half way mark.

I had the coolant systems flushed and filled and replaced the thermostat will an OEM one (195 degrees i believe). The Resevoir cap and tighten to the correct PSI (10-15 i believe).

On my 3rd plug there is oil fouling, so i replace that plug more often than the rest.

1) Could the oil burning on that third plug with the fouling cause the engine to get much hotter and be the reasone for the over-heating?

2) could the Engine temperature or Coolant Temperature gauge not be reading correctly and need to be replaced???

3) should i take this car to the dealer and have them run diagnostics on it and pay a forture to isolate the problem???

the local autoshop ran some type of "heat test" to check for "hot spots" around the engine and said everything looked normal.

Any comments (besides getting rid of it ) or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!

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Normal condition.

Read your owner's guide...it will clearly state that the gauge may move into the hot zone (right near it) before the fan kicks on.

Barring that, near the upper radiator hose, there is the coolant temp sensor for the PCM and the temperature gauge. Both are probably under 30 bucks. Change 'em both.

If the oil is on the OUTSIDE of the plug (in the spark plug well), that is a leaky valve cover gasket/O-ring set. Common on Saturn.

If the tip has oil on it, that is oil burning. Also common for Saturns (burning oil).

If it's truly burning oil, it's on borrowed time. Drive it till it soaks you and pitch it.
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I also have a 95 Saturn and it always goes half way. I have asked several mechanics about that and they have told me it is OK, that is normal on them. When it goes 3/4 is only when the air conditioner is off, if I turn it on, it will go back to half way.
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