12v interior heaters.. any recommendations!?


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12v interior heaters.. any recommendations!?

my friend has a car where the Heater Core needs to be replaced. She doesn't plan on keeping this car too much longer after the 1st of the year and doesn't want to spend the 400/500 dollars to get the heater core replaced.

Is there any 12v Interior Heater than can be plugged into the cigarette lighter outlet to provide "ample heat" and/or window defrosting that actually puts out some heat?

The car is a 1989 Ford Taurus GL i believe.
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Found a link to some 12V vehicle heaters, try www.autobarn.net/heatdef.html. They should have what you're looking for.
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12V heaters are marginal at best as AUXILIARY heaters. They're all but useless as primary heaters. Physics is against you here:

A typical 12V automotive cigar lighter circuit is rated at 20 Amperes. Knowing that Volts X Amps= Watts, we can find the maximum heater output of 240 watts. BTU/hr=Watts X .2391.

So, 240(watts) X .2391 = 57.384 BTU/hr.

You might as well huddle around a lit match for heat.

Your friend should either fix the car properly or ditch it now.
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Not only do they NOT provide much heat, they don't work at all defrosting windshields. You're treading on very dangerous ground in that area. I concur. Either fix it or dump it now.
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The first of the year is right around the corner. If he or she is going to pitch it at that time (with a 1989 Ford, I would have pitched it years ago....), wait it out and save the money spent on the 12V towards maintenance and gas on the new car
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Insure it to the hilt , and use the claim money on a down payment for a new car, cause if she uses a 12V heater she will more than likely burn it to the ground.
Picture this, mid-January drivin down the highway at 60mph,with the heater roaring on the dash, feeling kinda comfy. Look over and see flames coming out of the unit. Instant panic! FIRE! In one fluid motion, roll window down, jack on the brakes, grab the cord, yank this flaming mess and throw it out the window, avoid sign post and oncoming car, into opposite lane ditch, out of ditch into other ditch and back onto roadway.
That was an experience that happened to a know it all kid some 15-20 years ago. Me! After regaining a little composure, went back and recovered the torched unit from the snow. Never got my money back because they felt I PLUGGED IT IN WRONG! how in the world do you plug a standard 12V ciggarette light plug in wrong!
OK, so that didn't all happen in one fluid motion, it was more like 25 freaked-out motions. Thankfully nothing happened to my baby, 2 door 70 hardtop Impala, just a little extra tire wear and some offroading.
And ya know what, later that day I found the extra 10 minutes to change out my summer 160 degree thermostat I had been putting off.
Did I mention that my "buddy" was in the passenger seat laughing hysterically the whole time!
What an experience, "thanks" for letting me relive it.
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