86 ford f20, finally


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tammi ann
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86 ford f250, finally

I have posted in here on quite a few occasions about my 86 ford truck, it just wouldnt run right after I had to replace a cracked intake and exaust manifold which resulted from I believe a serious vacuum leak caused by a leaking diaphram in my brake booster.

After going thru all the electrical system, replacing the hall effect sensor, the distributor mounted module, the plugs, the switch, I replaced a bad resistor in the electrical wiring but I dont believe it was in the ignition dependent wiring, etc....... It has been a struggle.

Anyhow, my harmonic balancer or damper seems to have slipped as the timing marks just wont line up when I manually put the no. 1 piston on tdc compression stroke. But finally tonight aftr replacing the dist cap and rotor button and manually lining everything up on tdc I fired the beast up and it is running smoother than ever. No more black smoke, no missing, it purrs, well it purrs for a 14 yr old commercial truck with over 100,000 of very abusive miles and very abusive care.

Right now my biggest problems are the gas tank seems full of trash as I can run the truck forever with a gas hose from the feul pump stuck down in a can of gasoline and the exaust pipe where it connects to the exaust manifold glows dull orange for about 8 inches toward the muffler, no cat converter as I removed them years ago.

Im not much of a car mechanic, truck has been sitting idle for two years and I only work on it occasionally, sometimes months in between. But I am glad that I never gave up on it. Ido thank you guys for the advice I received in here, it helped just to know I had a place to turn to.

Anyhow, if anyone has any ideas about the hot exaust pipe I would appreciate them, the exuast gas does not by my nose indicate a rich mixture, the truck is not smoking and the engine temp remains nice and cool even after an hour plus at a high idle.

I am going to remove the gas tank, its almost empty, and see if it has an obstruction and after that instead of my original plan of driving the truck to a junkyard I am going to tacle all the sensors and may be coming back with a few more questions.

The only sad part to this long story is that I just dont know the cause of the trucks bad behavior, I just kept changing parts till it finally ran right and that really bothers me. I suspect everything I changed needed changing anyway but still I am dissapointed that I was never able to fully fiqure out the root cause. It seemed that everytime I got the truck running a bit better that something else would go bad. Anyway I just so happy this evening the way the truck ran and as I really have no one to talk to about it I just wanted to come in here and tell you guys.

This truck has brought me so many problems over the years, I honestly believe it was a true lemon. My plans have been just to get it in good enough condition to drive to the crusher but now I may try and keep it and use it for odd tasks , might get twenty years out of it........

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If the exhaust glows cherry red or orange, you've still got trouble.

Still have timing issues or other troubles there. Possible slack in the timing components. The harmonic balancer could be wrong for the vehicle, throwing the timing off. Possible carburetor issues. If the manifolds glow like that, check the condition of the plugs as well.

Trash the tank or have it boiled out by a radiator shop as that will cause junk to flow forward into the carburetor and trash it in a jiffy.

If the truck is in poor shape overall, you are possibly endangering your safety as well as others if it's as bad as you describe here. If you like it or don't mind spending the meney, go ahead and continue....economically, it doesn't make sense on something in poor shape, unfortunately.

As mentioned in prior posts, the carburetor used on this Ford is a notorious leaker, staller and rough runner. Ford pitched it early on in favor of EFI in a jiffy...much better.

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