old car new problem followup


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old car new problem followup

Hood release cable is slack -- broken or disconnected -- 50% of screws to remove grill located under hood. Still trying to find a way to open hood.

Prior to being unable to get under hood, I was attempting to get a bit more life out of battery by restoring ph to weak cells by replacing the acid. I had no plan to flush or section the battery -- just seeking extention of current life. Once in, I will want to charge battery & find any related problems preventing start or depleating battery.

Other suggestions to get past "hood won't open" problem and what else I should check in regard to "car won't start" willl be very much welcomed.
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Get to where you can see the hood cable. You may have to cut it and use a pliers to pull on the internal metal wire. As mentioned before, have someone bang on the hood while you do and it should eventually pop up.

You cannot "save" a maintenance free battery. Pitch that thing when you get the hood opened, it sounded finished. Batteries last 3 to 5-ish years and then normally require replacement. Use a good maintenance free battery like a Delco for a GM car.

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