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mechanic in a can

I've been after my dad for about 6 months to get a slow leak fixed on one of his frost plugs on his '90 Cherokee Laredo, I6, 4spd automatic, 180000 miles on the clock. (the equivalent of a DC-3, sound body, keeps running along with the odd repair) Apparantly it's a real b****rd of a job to do the frost plug - drop engine and tranny, etc. Has been quoted 5 hrs labour. He's counting his pennies so the repair has been put off as long as possible.

Got the phone call last night; was at a garage for LOF and general inspection and tech noted on the work order that leaking/weeping frost plug was noticed and that A CAN OF STOP LEAK was added to the colling system.

Dad didn't authorize this. On the subsequent 45 minute drive home, his temp guage was tickling the red line on the highway. Never runs that hot.

Had long talk with Dad last night about the perils of snake oil. Any chance that stop leak could gum up a thermostat, clog an old (original) rad, water jacket? Any recourse available?
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Absolutely can gazorch up the works. That stuff won't be found in my vehicles .

If you have to seal it, it has a leak, which must be repaired. You'd have fared better putting plumber's epoxy on the plug to "rude goldberg" it along for a while until the proper repair could be made.

Yes, it could gum up the works.
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