Help! '98 Ford Explorer won't start...


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Help! '98 Ford Explorer won't start...

I have a '98 Ford Explorer XLT (V6) with 86,000 miles on it. I haven't been able to drive it for the last three days because it won't start. The engine turns over every time I crank it, but will not catch and start. It will run for a couple seconds, but that's it. There is plenty of power in the battery, and sounds normal when starting, but just dies. I've tried giving it gas. Which almost works, but as soon as I take my foot off the pedal, it dies again. This began after a heavy rain, and I thought water might have gotten in the electrical (distributor?) system, but I let it dry out for two days, and the same thing happens. The only other contributing factor I could think of is that it's not getting fuel. I had to pick someone up at the airport the day before, and had to circle the terminal for about 45 minutes. It was running on fumes for awhile until I got out of there, but I gassed it up and made it home fine. Then it wouldn't start the next time I tried to turn it over (also after the rainstorm).

Sorry if I'm missing any information, I'm not much of a car guy (but I'm trying to learn). This is my first time posting here. But I've been reading for a while, and y'all really seem to know your stuff. Any ideas you have are tremendously appreciated!

Thanks all,
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Have the fuel pressure checked with a fuel pressure gauge.

Running on fumes or low on fuel is bad business. You might have wiped out the fuel pump.

Modern vehicles with fuel injection use a pump in the tank---it depends on being emersed in fuel so it will be cooled, lubricated and primed. If you run it dry, you starve it of these three things.

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