OEM parts for Toyota


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Question OEM parts for Toyota


I have just learned the difference b/w OEM and aftermarket parts from this forum. This is a great place to learn stuff!!

I have a toyota camry LE 1999 w/ 45k miles. I am thinking of firing my dealer. Alternate will be to buy all parts myself and have a mechanic put them on for me. Since I still have manufacture's and 'extra care' warranties for up to 100k miles I will like to buy only genuine OEM Toyota's parts to avoid any future problems w/ the warranty requirements.

I have found this great website to buy OEM parts for my car with 25-30% less price than what my dealer has been charged me in my previous invoices for some minor repairs. I have also found a friend's friend mechanic who will do the job for >50% less than what I've being paying to dealer ($75/hr) if I provided him the OEM parts.

Recently I have been told by my dealer that my front brakes are 90% worn. Also car needs all new tires. I believed them.

Now my question is the following: How to order the appropriate parts for the brake job??

Should I order front PADS and rear PADS?? or
front PADS and rear SHOES??

Please help me understand how this works so I can order the right components.

Thank you.
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If you have someone who is willing to install customer provided parts, that's fine, go with it. Many shops will not do that.

Make sure the independent guy you are choosing is competent and good at what he does. Get some recommendations from friends and check with your Better Business Bureau to make sure there are no complaints against this guy.

Remember, the dealer charges more because they have the tools, equipment, training and backing that some aftermarket (not all) do not have.

Barring that, I don't understand your question. Brakes are sold in axle set. That is front pads do all of the front wheels (four pads in total) and rear pads do all of the rear wheels.

Just ask for a front pad set and a rear pad set and you'll get all you need.
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Also if the vehicle has 4 wheel disc, it requires pads all the way around.

If it has rear drum brakes, it would use front pads and rear shoes.

Either way they are sold as axle sets.
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Thanks Joe F.

I still don't understand as to what should I order since the website has listed the following for Camry LE 1999:
Brakes, Brake Components

1) Front Brakes: include either Backing Plate, Rotor

2) Front Pads

3) Rear Brakes: include either Backing Plate, Drum, Rotor

4) Rear Pads: either w/ or w/o solara

5) Rear Shoes
The list doesn't include "axle set".

Therefore, among the list above what should I pick for front and rear brakes.

I don't know if I have 4 wheel discs or rear drums.

Thank you very much.
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Before you get too carried away have you inspected the rears? Quite possible they won't need replacement. Front brakes wear faster than the rear.

Anyway, "front pads" for the front.

For the rear, stick your head under the back of the car and look at the inside of the back wheels. If you see a shiny disk you have rear disk brakes; order accordingly. If all you see is a black or rusty plate you have drums; order "rear shoes".

You might also post the web address so we can have a look.
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As far as I know Camry LEs have drums in the back. I believe only V6 ones (XLE and such) have disks.
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I also have a 99 Corolla LE

Here is what you need the 99 Corolla has front disks and rear drums I just went out and checked mine.
You will need the front pads they come in axle sets like Joe said you must replace both sides.You dont need backing plates or rotars.(Unless yours are shot).
As far as back brakes if yours are worn(back brakes last longer than front brakes) you will need the shoes also sold in sets.
You dont need the drums.(unless they are shot)
hope this helps a little.Just keep in mind you must always replace as a set.(both front) or (both back).There are two pads per wheel and two shoes per wheel.
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Thank you everyone for your kind help. I was reading the camry manual and found out that I should have "bedding-down" performed by mechanic each time I have shoes replaced.

What is "bedding-down"?

Can any non-toyota mechanic perform this??

Also can someone tell me what 'fuel filter' do I need for my car?
or what is the difference b/w In tank fuel filter & On engine fuel filter??

Following is the website where I will be buying OEM parts for brake job:

Thanks again.

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I suggest you start with the posts and links in my signature file below for starters.

You will get more familiar with the parts, systems and operations of the vehicle and be able to order parts more expediently that way. Autolibrary.org should be able to help.

Alternatively, read up in the owner's manual on the various systems, emission systems and information there. It's basic enough for most to follow along.

Another way: Just have the mechanic doing the work have a look and have him jot down what you need to buy .
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When you find out what "bedding down" refers to be sure to clue us all in. Been tinkering with vehicles for 35 years and haven't heard that phrase (or imagine what it might consist of).
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"bedding down" or seating in refers to breaking in the new pads or shoes in in an controlled manner.

Usually three or four light pressure stops from fifty down . Given some time inbetween to cool down.

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Figured that had to be what it was; "bedding down" was a new one on me - is that a regional term?

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